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19 May 2014

Arkfeld site in Virginia has robust type human head depictions

Adam Arkfeld find, Clear Brook, Virginia

From the sample test dig at the Arkfeld site, numerous animal and human sculptures were identified. Ken Johnston interprets this as a human head sculpture possibly representing an archaic human form (more robust as opposed to gracile) in North America.

From Identified as stone sculpture, male head by J. E. Musch. Rijckholt, NL. Middle Palaeolithic. Photo © Phototeam SAB. Musch, J. E. (1990b). Continuation picture book: Stone sculptures Pliocene-Neolithicum. Archaeologische Berichten 20:85-107. Elst, NL. Page 100.

Another palpable human head figure identified by Adam Arkfeld. These similarly iconic objects came from a 200 square foot test excavation at the site.

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