Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

27 June 2017

Artists report portable rock art aplenty near Bucksport, Maine

Stone bird sculpture, Sam Minot find, Bucksport, Maine 
"hey, saw your blog and some of the photos of portable rock art and wanted to share some really good ones that we have found over the years here in Maine . One here is just like the little finch (i call it) that you have a photo of. I have one here too that (i think) is of the Great Auk, a flightless seabird that was killed off by early Europeans. and we have many (dozens and dozens) of profiles and faces,,,, we are artists ourselves, so we have become privy to the wonderful stone art in the artifacts we find everywhere here ! ~ sam minot, Bucksport, Me."   

Silhouette of the stone bird sculpture

'Great Auk'

The only known historical image of a Great Auk made with the live animal as the subject. Wikipedia.

This Cosquer Cave, France, rock art panel likely depicts the Great Auk. The art here is dated to ca. 18,500 years before present.

22 June 2017

Human and feline hybrid stone figure from Arkfeld site, Clear Brook, Virginia

Adam Arkfeld find and interpretation, Clear Brook, Virginia

Black line illustrates the implied feline 'tail.' Circle highlights the head with open mouth which seems to have more of a human quality.

Arkfeld notes the presence of a worked 'eye' shape to the left of the head and the Pharohnic Egypt use of the 'all seeing eye of Horus' and human and feline hybrid dieties like Sekhmet.