Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

23 September 2017

Two British anthropomorphic Paleolithic worked stones with similar nose representations

United Kingdom, private collection, Lower Paleolithic

Anthropomorphic flint nodule with similar stylized 'nose' representation


  1. I found a very similar piece just yesterday down in the Ozark region of Arkansas. It is a carved polished piece similar to pipestone with an athropomorphic face that is is about 6” X 4”.

    1. I have tons of artifacts from nw ar and some would absolutely blow you away. All were surface and creek finds with no digging. The Ozarks are rich with history that modern day "pros" refuse to see as more than just plain rock. I found myself here researching after almost a year in the woods trying to figure out this wondrous puzzle laid out right in front of our eyes. They recorded their stories and fears and history the only way they could....on rock.

  2. Hi
    I found one of these pieces above
    And my friend the other one
    Both at same location
    I too have many items
    Including my figure stones
    I am totally still lost
    And a long way from understanding
    This ancient art
    Pictures on request if any one would like
    Many thanks

  3. I've been finding these near a creek and on the surface. If the patterns did not recur across different types of stone I might have been convinced they were just rock. The simple realization that "Rocks around here don't look like this" seems enough for me to be proof. I especially enjoy looking at them as works in progress since I have only found a few that are complete. I believe hand held spirit stones were passed along down generations. That is my way of understanding the amount of polish and oil residue absorbed by the stone. It helps with understanding the evolutionary progression of creating one effigy that turns into another and then into another until 10 or more animals and faces are recognizable in one piece. I believe understanding stone carving as an art form would help others appreciate the systematic steps being taken to arrive at a desired form.