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31 May 2017

New Tennessee site with portable rock art, anvils, flint and tools

Edgar Lopez finds, White House, Tennessee
My name is Edgar and I am seeking your help on some finds that I dug up while starting a garden.
I believe I may have stumbled on some ancient American Indian artifacts. I am including a link with the pictures to this email. Please email me back if you think there is a chance that I'm correct on what these artifacts are. Or, if you have another idea of what this could be, please let me know that as well. They may just be rocks or they may be something extraordinary. I have zero expertise in this area; I am grateful if you are able to help."
I informed Mr. Lopez based on my experience his intuition is correct and he has found a likely Paleolithic art and tool site.

The red mark indicates the mouth of a human head right profile. The head may also include a 'hair' representation.

The white circle indicates the face and nose of a 'bear' in right 3/4 profile. Other possible bear figures have been found by Mr. Lopez. (Click photos to expand and compare)

To the left of the bear head is a pitted area in the stone which may have been a receptacle or work area of some kind.

Human faces in Paleolithic art (R.D. Guthrie)

This figure with evidence of human modification in the eye and mouth areas is compatible with human head forms as described on a gradient by R. Dale Guthrie in his book The Nature of Paleolithic Art.

Blue marks illustrate incised lines carved on the stone face mask.

A broken anvil stone reassembled by Mr. Lopez

A broken block of flint reassembled

Rhomboid and square tablet stones typical of many Paleolithic sites in the United States are seen here in situ courtesy of Mr. Lopez.

Crude tools and utilized stones identified by Mr. Lopez

These kinds of artifacts detected by laypersons show that a formal education in Archaeology precludes one's ability to detect materials not already assumed to be present by prior knowledge. Mr. Lopez has been told by many these are 'just rocks' but we can indeed know better.


  1. I have a fairly extensive collection much like this one that I too have been told by many were just rocks. I have found nearly identical examples on the internet to match each piece and proven they are much more significant than "just rocks". I found most of the pieces in southwest Colorado. I actually feel kind of bad for the skeptics. They don't have the ability to recognize this stuff or appreciate how remarkable it really is.

  2. I concur with your sentimints regarding the skeptics! I have also been told that my recovered items are "Just rocks!" And, I have found almost every piece on the internet that mine look like! I get incredibly frustrated at the degree of infalliblity the "Doctors of Archeology" maintain as well as their irrefutability! They were taught by professors who were taught by people that had zero knowledge of these types of items (effigies) and staunchly refuse to accept anything beyond what they were taught. When that "era" retire and cross the rainbow bridge, hopefully their shoes will be filled with more open and accepting processionals, who will usher forth a revitalized and updated standard which will include out items!

  3. I also live in Tennessee and have a large collection. It's amazing how I can find something exstordanary and see the almost exact thing on line and mostly this website. Thanks for all the post from everyone. Very helpful. Mr Lopez if you want to contact me to talk about or show and see others please do.

  4. I also live in Tennessee. I have containers full of Birds*, Tools.. Sculptures. Some even utilizing fossils within the works. These were from a previous residence 15 years ago. At that time, everyone just thought I was crazy. But when you line up thousands of the same *birds* that are almost identical.. from 1 inch to 5 feet, It just couldn't be a coincidence. I returned to a new property 2 miles from the previous site, just recently. And Once again, I'm Hooked. I have the same art in my new area and more. I'M SO GRATEFUL TO KNOW THAT OTHERS ARE SEEING THE SAME THING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!