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Archaeology of Portable Rock Art

Ken Johnston, blog publisher

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  1. Dear Ken,
    I am a collector of stone age tools and implements currently residing in the South of England...(Not sure where you are based)!
    My collection of hundreds of items are of my own findings...
    I was finding ancient British Ilse flint tools for quite a few years until 2 years ago I stumbled upon my first piece of what you would term portable rock art...Wow, has that sent me on a journey from there...
    This stuff is everywhere in the UK and nobody understands this, nor do they seem to want to look at this subject for some reason...I feel alone with my discoveries and as a result, kinda alienated from mainstream archaeology and am guessing portable rock art upsets their text book imposed, perfectly packaged paradigm...
    I have found 5 mammoths, elephants, bison, birds, crocodiles, snakes, human heads and skulls carved in flint in there droves...These items are so good that they stun ardent skeptics who cannot deny what they appear to be...I have seen all the videos and photos online available and the collection I have is up there with the best and beyond and believe me sir, I am a very modest man...
    I have found a tidal river near me, which is mainly clay and mud, with a 200 yard stone spread, where nearly every piece of flint has been carved into the shape of an animal, skull, owl or something...
    I have kept the area secret so as not to be swooped on by the public and archaeologists...
    I recently found a massive 2 handed stone hand axe that to everyone resembles the head of a believe it or not, reptilian human head, that when turned round to view the other face of the stone, is a crested dinosaur head...It freaks everyone out including me...It is large and weighs around 10 kilos...
    Would love to discuss and show my collection to like minded friends and individuals, open minded enough to see past staid, immovable, British archaeology...
    Thanks Ken for taking the time to read this...
    My email will be available to you if you wish it sir,
    Thanks again...

  2. ps This is Mark and I have just subscribed for your email feeds, thanks again..

  3. Hi Mark, I need your email address to reply.

  4. since comments are approved please view my Facebook timeline photos. Dennis Sands from Joseph, Or. there are two of us. my father and I. Mine is the one with the picture of artifacts. please send me a way to share my collection with you. it ism pretty amazing as you can see on Facebook which is only a small fraction of what i have

    1. Hi Dennis

      Sorry but I do not have a Facebook account. You may contact me by email at Thanks, Ken

  5. Kenneth if you can please contact me I would appreciate it. Believe I’ve might of unlocked the door in proving what many haven’t in obtaining endorsements and acceptance from the archaeological community. It’s going to cause a hornets nest for the lithic nuts. 817.913.5780

  6. I live in the Jordan Valley near Jericho. I experience the same experience described in the letter. The Jordan Valley, Samaria, Jerusalem and other large parts of Israel. Full full of these stones. They seemed to be everywhere.