Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

21 May 2014

Mammoth imagery at Arkfeld site may include simplified geometric representations as already described

Suspected mammoth figures, with very flat bases upon which they stand, from Arkfeld site, Clear Brook, Virginia. A total of eight different mammoth forms are seen in this article.

Close up of mammoth figure #1

A reconstruction of a mammoth with major sight lines to illustrate how pre-historic artists derived a shape they could translate into lithic material representations

Close up of mammoth figure #2

Mammoth figure #3 in abstracted geometric form surrounded by other shaped stones in immediate context

Adam Arkfeld with a giant stone plaque (#4) found among the other figures here. It resembles an elephant head in the straight-on view, as if facing the front of the animal.

 Suspected mammoth head figure #5 with an eye and perhaps an ear as if it is flapped forward

Mammoth head figure #6

Mammoth head figure #7 as if viewing the animal head-on

Mammoth head figure #8 already seen on this blog

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