Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

31 May 2014

A Ground Sloth head sculpture from the Arkfeld site, #44FK734, Clear Brook, Virginia, incorporates a human face mask like other art examples from the site

This 18cm in length zoomorphic shaped stone identified by Adam Arkfeld is interpreted by Ken Johnston as a sculpture of the head of a Ground Sloth

Artifact from North Texas interpreted as a ground sloth head figure by Ken Johnston featured earlier on this blog. From the collection of Bill Waters. 

The earliest evidence of people in Ohio is associated with a ground sloth as seen in this video with Brian Redmond, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Ken Johnston interpretation of a human face mask incorporated into the back of the ground sloth head. The rounded aspect of the two eyes and the nose features are based on crinoid stem or similar fossil inclusions in the limestone. The faint but present mouth is illustrated in red. This back end of this stone (left edge) including the right eye of the human mask may have been handled in prehistory as if rubbing or touching it, while the left eye feature appears less weathered.

Click photos to expand and toggle to compare illustration versus the unmarked photo.

Megalonyx jeffersonii, Giant Ground Sloth model

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