Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

28 May 2014

Virginia horse country in the Stone Age at the Arkfeld farm

 Horse head figure, Arkfeld site, #44FK732, Clear Brook, Virginia 

Side 2 of horse head figure, 15cm length

Large horse head sculpture

Life-size horse head sculpture weighing about 45kg (100 lbs.) greets visitors to the Arkfeld home

Horse head figure, 6cm length

Two sides of a horse head figure identified by Mr. Arkfeld (click photos to expand)

Common sense tells landowners and astute observers when repeated iconic patterns can no longer be attributed to natural coincidence. Mr. Arkfeld was born and raised on his property, so he is intimately familiar with the appearance of the natural stones and rocks there. His observation of anomalous material eroding from a stream bank is what led to his discovery of "The Arkfeld site." Those who are educated archaeologists seem uniquely dis-qualified to consider the existence of such iconic stone materials from the past.

Ken Johnston illustration of a feline head profile facing left combined with the horse head figure while it faces right. Despite thousands of years in the earth, faint traces of the feline head, including a worked eye feature, should be verifiable by careful scientific examination. The patination on this object suggests it may have been used as a "rubbing stone."

Ken Johnston illustration of faint remnants of a second feline face viewed straight on with an open mouth in what is the smoothed and patinated part of the stone.

Close up of two feline images still visible on the stone after close examination

Suspected cultural stone debris from the Arkfeld site


  1. Those debris ARE interesting, each worth several pages of study I believe. Found similar debris here too. " Debris" does not seem the correct word for them.