Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

19 May 2014

An abraded and incised stone from Arkfeld site, #44FK732

Arkfeld site abraded and incised stone

Radial incisions flare from the rounded aspect of the abraded surface

 Approx. 8cm length

Sample of some tools from the context of the incised stone

In a great disservice to North American Archaeology, the Smithsonian Institution visited the Arkfeld site and dismissed the entirety as "just rocks." Without an understanding of world Paleolithic art traditions such as radial lines and iterative stroke marks, they are not able to recognize the significance of just this one object at Arkfeld. Even "the best" of North American archaeology is not able to recognize non-cryptocrystalline and crude/opportunistic tool signatures which may the best indicators of pre-Clovis peoples. 

Art, symbol and iconography are inconceivable to those currently entrusted with United States official archaeology and the study of human origins and migrations.

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