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16 July 2015

Running horse with simple face on its chest and a flying bird figure from Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

Jeff Vincent new find, Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, Arkansas

Interpreted as a deer by Jeff but I think it is possibly a running horse depiction with its mane in swept-back position.

The 'eye' of the animal is a perforation through the stone with close tolerance with the edge. (Click on photo to expand view). Jeff notes a simple face depiction on the animal's chest.

Simple human face depiction on the animal's chest

'Bird in flight with eye, wing in up-stroke position' is a recent find by Jeff Vincent. It appears to show a raptor looking down at the ground. Jeff has identified many portable rock art pieces at Mammoth Spring as featured on this blog for several years.

Another classic flying bird figure from Mammoth Spring identified by Jeff and featured earlier on this blog.

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