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05 July 2015

Lower Paleolithic owl sculptures from North Western Europe

Beegden, Netherlands, find by Jan van Es

A knowledgeable interpreter offered commentary on this sculpture: "Both bird and excellent designed 'forest elephant facing L with big floppy ears' and 'baby elephant or mammoth facing left in center of the forest elephant'.

This figure has both human and owl facial qualities and could be interpreted as a 'bird man'

Beegden, Netherlands, Jan van Es

Great Pampau, Germany, find by Ursel Benekendorff
Photo Copyright (c) Ursel Benekendorff, All Rights Reserved.

Photo Copyright (c) Ursel Benekendorff, All Rights Reserved

Beegden, Netherlands, distance from Great Pampau, Germany is 400km

The find locations of the stone owl sculptures identified in Lower Paleolithic contexts in the Netherlands and Germany by two of the most prolific researchers and interpreters of Pleistocene portable rock art art in the world, Mrs. Ursel Benekendorff and Mr. Jan van Es.
"Most people who care much about art find that of the work that moves them most the greater part is what scholars call "Primitive" ...In primitive art you will find no accurate representation; you will find only significant form. Yet no other art moves us so profoundly." -Clive Bell, 1914; quoted after Cahn and Meskin 2007: 266.

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