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08 July 2015

Human head looking left on a cobble from the Arkfeld Site may also have a laughing face depiction on its side with a smaller more serious face next to it

Human head sculpture looking left. Arkfeld Site, Clear Brook, Virginia (16cm)

The human head has features such as eyes, nose, mouth and ear.

There may a representation of a cartoon-like face with a big smile or laugh on the side of the human head depiction. This kind of smiling mouth appears in other portable rock art pieces.

Allesandra, Italy

"Fig. 4.22) Lithic sculpture. It represents a human head without the neck. Strong stylistic deformation in ironic sense, deduced from the large nose.

Size: Height cm. 12.

Place of origin: Tortona, Alessandria, Italy.

Material culture: Mousterian, but perhaps previous.

It comes from an ancient alluvium of the Scrivia Torrent; it is damaged, as there are no more external traces of working. But the traces are present in the recess that constitute the orbitale zone and the mouth. The human type seems an archaic Homo sapiens, but it does not have chin, and the forehead is little. The style lengthens the head vertically.

Collection Museum of the Origins of Man."

Human head in Paleolithic sculpture, Pietro Gaietto, Museum of the Origins of Man

Highlighted by the upper right circle in the illustration above there is a small face mask form next to the laughing face mask depicting a more serious expression. Could this be similar to our own concepts of the masks of comedy and tragedy? Or could it be a symbolic expression of 'youth' and 'old age'?

This is the second sculpture from the Arkfeld Site which incorporates two highly emotive face masks into a larger representation.

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