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26 November 2014

Three mammoth sculptures from The Old Route 66 Zoo site near Joplin, Missouri

Stacy Dodd and Rod Weber find, The Old Route 66 Zoo, site #23JP1222, 16cm

This is a mammoth and human polymorphic sculpture depicting an anthropomorphic head looking left and a mammoth right profile with its head turned looking at us. There are two eye cavities on the mammoth figure in relatively correct anatomical positions. The sculpture stands upright in this position. The motif of a human face on the posterior of mammoth sculptures have been described in a number of instances on this blog. The Old Route 66 Zoo has produced numerous mammoth sculptures.

The nose tip of the human looking left is the upper left corner of the stone here. The cavity in the stone symbolic of the mammoth's right eye is visible here.

Ken Johnston illustration of the anthropomorphic head profile with interpreted mouth and eye features.

 Two additional mammoth forms from the Old Route 66 Zoo site, both left profiles

This sculpture may be interpreted as a mammoth profile facing left combined with a bison head profile facing right. The worked aspects of the stone which depict these postulated eye features are circled in the illustration above. This sculpture has a strong similarity to one identified from Laurens County, South Carolina, by Buzzy Boles and featured earlier on this blog.

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  1. perhaps im not "qualified" to make this call, or perhaps my inexperience in the sculptures makes me even more qualified. either way, most these look naturally forming. i dont see any places where they were shaped or struck (directly or indirectly).