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09 May 2011

Bison Eye

Bison Eye
by Allen V. Deibel, The StoneCat Collection, Canfield, Ohio

BISON EYE          
                I’ve selected this artifact as a means of showing how contours and features within the stone would be worked to convey images. The imagery is concise and uncomplicated; The Ancient Artisan was likely reproducing a Bison Eye. It is just about life-sized.  This striated conglomerate was ground from an irregular cobble. This effort covers one hundred percent of the surface.
                Please refer to the frontal and side photographs. An especially interesting feature is the fleck of Quartz near the center of the eye. An Artistic technique used by portrait painters to bring life to an eye by showing a reflection on a moist eyeball.  This would be the first layer ground to this fleck to affect this image.
                A dark brown striation is the next layer.  Not only has it been ground to the oval that is the Iris, but notice the slight grayed look.  The Quartz layer that formed the fleck was ALMOST ground away above the Iris. Ground to the interface between dark and light layers. This allowed the Ancient Artisan to chip a Pupil that was distinctly dark, to contrast with the Iris.

                 The thick Quartz layer that is the eye whites and the rest of the dark back of the cobble was ground to complete the image. The angle of the grind was adjusted to provide the appropriate amount of white and the dark side was ground so as to be occluded by the white. In hand this is uncannily realistic. The intent of the Artist realized.
Not obvious in these photographs is that the fleck in the eye is an abstract image of a feline visage.  The last sight of the hapless buffalo captured in its eye, forever. This artifact illustrates more than an image but a philosophy.  -Allen V. Deibel, The StoneCat Collection, Canfield, Ohio.
(Click this link for over 100 line drawings of figure stones in The StoneCat Collection, by Allen V. Deibel)

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