Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

09 May 2011

Feline head in relief on stone panel, other art, reported by Sherry Hill, Carter County, Tennessee

Feline head in right profile, relief on panel, Carter County,Tennessee.
Sherry Hill collection
(click this photo to expand view)

Sherry Hill, an amateur archaeologist in Ritterstown, Tennessee, reports finding several anthropomorphic and zoomorphic stones in a relatively small area, which she cannot attribute to coincidence.  They are found near the Doe River, in Carter County.  This is with scale.

Artifact viewed from an angle as if from "behind the cat"

A second artifact, interpreted as a human head in left profile view by Sherry Hill
(photo is blurred but imagery is still "clear")
Ken Johnston interprets a mammoth head bump cresting the human's forehead

Finding multiple pieces like this in close proximity, as Sherry has done, lends support to 'artistic intent' in the "human agency vs. nature-fact" question.  More of Sherry's finds to be featured in the future.  Thanks, Sherry!

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