Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

30 May 2016

Missouri proving to be a leading state for 'portable rock art' sites as another amateur archaeologist reports concentrations of iconic material along with tools

'Bird sculpture'
Wendy Lutz find, Camden County, Missouri

'Standing bear head and neck'

The bear is in profile facing right with its defined nose to the air, a motif seen in other bear representations. Its mouth has an anthropomorphic quality of a slight 'smile.'

Photo collages courtesy of Wendy Lutz. Click to expand slideshow.

Wendy Lutz's Missouri tools found in general association with the iconic material.

A conclusion I've made based on all the reports I have received is that the people who made this kind of art and tool complex must have come down through the middle of North America, east of the Rocky Mountains, and settled in a very favorable environment in what is now known as Missouri.

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  1. I have a lot of the exact same pieces,shapes and stone type as last couple of blocks of pics southeaster Pa,