Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

16 May 2016

A quartz crystal figure stone in the 'Sleeping Duck' motif from the Columbia River valley in Oregon

From the Dennis Boggs collection of tools, art and exotic imported stone material at Irrigon, Oregon.

Interpretation by Ken Johnston, curator of the Boggs collection. Because of the glacial lake Missoula flooding in the area, a maximum age of about 13,000 years may be assumed for this material. The duck figure sits on a designed tripod base. There is a manufactured 'eye' and 'split tail feathers'. Numerous figures in this motif have been featured on this blog.

The stone's cortex, or rind, visible here has not been worked. The more white area above it has been worked to remove stone.

Sleeping duck figure's translucence under differing natural sunlight conditions

This find by Bob Doyle of Maine was identified as a worked sleeping duck figure. Bob is a master flint knapper and stone tool technology replicator.

This shows how this art motif may be found from coast-to-coast in the United States, perhaps in a related cultural tradition.

This is the scene is nature which Stone Age humans committed to the permanence of stone.

Two tools found by Dennis Boggs in association with art and exotic stone material at Irrigon, Oregon.

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