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25 May 2016

Arkfeld site bird figure and handaxe found together today should further embarrass the Virginia State Archaeologist

'Bird figure'
Adam Arkfeld find, Clear Brook, Virginia

This is one of many bird figures from the Arkfeld site. This bird figure went from the ground to this blog feature in the matter of a few hours.

Side 2, Adam Arkfeld "flips the bird to the Archaeology establishment"

Handaxe, 20cm, found in direct association with the bird

Thinness with an edge on the Virginia handaxe

Archaeological Society of Virginia, September 2015 newsletter, From the Office of the State Archaeologist, Michael B. Barber, Ph.D., editorial on the Arkfeld site. 

(click photos to expand view of editorial)

Dr. Barber has done the citizens of Virginia a disservice by accusing an observant, well-intended, landowner and a long-time professional archaeologist of perpetuating a "hoax." Really, Dr. Barber? For shame.

In fact, hundreds of tool and art artifacts have been recovered from this site, #44FK0731, and are available for public inspection at any time. Many have been seen on this blog with great interest and respect from a world-wide audience.

Maybe someday Dr. Barber can come to learn why this smear job is no better than the pseudoarchaeology he claims to police and why apologies and an official correction are due to Messrs. Arkfeld and Hranicky and the people of Virginia.

I interpret the bird figure in this posting to be a 'crow.'

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  1. Lamestream science at its best (or worst).