Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

01 January 2016

Mammoth and feline head combination is second mammoth sculpture with parallel lines from Hardin County, Tennessee, site

Jason Lamont find, Hardin County, Tennessee

Jason identified this rock as having artificial incised lines running vertically when the stone is in standing position. Jason identified another incised stone which has been interpreted as a mammoth and human combination.

'Feline head facing left'

Side 2. I interpret this incised piece to also be a figurative representation of a mammoth body facing right and a feline head facing left. The photo here provides a nice perspective on the feline head. The cat's ear is at the top edge of the photo. The cat's ear is also the 'head bump' of the mammoth. This feline and mammoth combinatopn motif is seen in other North American examples and in this megalithic landscape rock art sculpture in Virginia. 

Feline head facing left and a profile of a mammoth body facing right. The illustration locates stone features serving as the 'eyes' of the feline and the mammoth. The 'mouth' of the cat is in red. Click photos to expand.

A second stone with incised lines and selected removals was found along with the incised mammoth and feline combination. Jason Lamont finds.

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