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28 December 2015

A second mammoth and human combination sculpture from Hardin County, Tennessee

'Mammoth left profile with anthropomorphic face in lower left quadrant'
Jason Lamont find, Hardin County, Tennessee

As seen before from Jason's location, the mammoth and the human are sharing foreheads. This North American Paleolithic portable rock art motif is seen in several examples on this blog. The simple human face has an eye, nose and mouth feature in the stone. The mammoth has a ground eye in correct position. The sculpture stands upright in correct orientation.

Anthropomorphic face in left profile on the front of the mammoth

Faint traces of another face which may have been pigmented. I think it is a feline face where the mammoth's head bump and eye become the right ear of the cat. Its left ear is out of sight in this perspective.

Mammoth illustrated

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