Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

20 February 2015

Colorado hand axe with human facial profile suggests relation to the Acheulean tradition in the Old World

Chris Schram find, Big Dry Creek, Westminster, Colorado

Objects like this encountered by North American archaeologists are often categorized as "pre forms" as if they are too crude to be finished tools. They are not aware of Old World art and tool traditions or stone working techniques other than free hand knapping. Large caches of so-called pre-forms should be re-evaluated to see if they may be completed tools which have not yet been well described here. Some could be indicators of very old archaeological sites.

This small axe was retouched to include a crude human face in right profile along the right edge of the tool composed of an eye, a nostril and a mouth. This helps confirm its link to Old World Acheulean traditions (the "decorated bi-faces".)

Illustration of a possible work area and a possible bison face opposite the human facial profile.

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