Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

04 February 2015

Acheulean handaxe with bird, human and animal imagery demonstrates how iconic flints may turn up in private or museum "tool" collections

Acheulean handaxe, (15 x 7 cm). From Calvados (Normandy) West of Paris Basin. Private tool collection. Acheulean -550,000 - 300,000 BP

A likely animal head and neck figure facing left, possibly horse

Bird figuration with tail feathering on the handaxe form

Simple anthropomorphic pointed head facing right with eye detail

Handaxe in the Acheulean tradition is also a bird-form

These icons may also be seen in a petrified wood figure stone with bird, human and horse imagery found by Chris Schram in Westminster, Colorado. The human faces are depicted on the bulging breast of the birds in both the France and Colorado examples.

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