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08 November 2013

Sounds of the Stone Age: galop cheval blanc

Denis Argaut collection of galloping lithophonic horse sculptures from France

Denis Argaut interpretion of a white horse head figure with perforated eye which reproduces the galloping sound of a horse when rocked with a finger. Denis' finds are from near Toulouse with some from the Dordogne.

Watch this video of the "Galloping white horse" pictured above.

Denis interprets the obverse side of the horse head as a figure of an eagle head

With over 15 years of intimate work with stone figures in France, Denis Argaut has come to appreciate the use of light and shadow in the Stone Age sculptures he has studied. Denis is able to take many hours to consider one sculpture in differing light schemes, different times of day, different seasons of the year. His close work with the stone sculptures led to what amounts to a significant discovery in the annals of the history of rock art.

Denis has discovered some horse image figure stones have been engineered to produce the sound of a galloping horse when manipulated in a rocking motion by a human musician. These sound-stones may be thought of as the earliest audio recordings and Denis has discovered how to play them back for us.

This "horse head" comes alive with light passing through its perforated eye as it moves to the sounds of the Stone Age.

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