Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

22 November 2016

Human head, bird and standing bull figures from Clear Brook, Virginia

Sculpted 'Human head'
Arkfeld Site, Clear Brook, Virginia, site #44FK731

Adam Arkfeld has identified a bird figure facing left here. Although it may appear to some as a natural rock, this piece has been sculpted on the entire surface visible here. There is also a manufactured 'eye' in correct artistic position. It has acquired a weathered surface with calcite accumulations which attest to its great age. This is a very typical crude Paleolithic bird figure stone.

Siberian bird figurine identified by archaeologist M. A. Kiriyak at the Russian Upper Paleolithic Bol'shoi El'gakhchan I site

The bird's 'eye' illustrated on the Arkfeld Site figure

Siberian bird figure

'Standing bull' animal figure identified by Adam Arkfeld at his site

Bull, human and bird painted scene from the cave at Lascaux, France

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