Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

07 November 2016

Engraved stone bar from Arkfeld Site associated with Levallois-like prepared core lithic technology similar to Shuidonggou Paleolithic site, northwest China

'Engraved stone bar' associated with Levallois-like technology
Arkfeld Site, Clear Brook, Virginia

Shuidonggou Paleolithic site, northwest China

Professor Gao, director of this study, stated: “The SDG Paleolithic site includes 12 localities, ranging in date from Early Late Paleolithic to Late Paleolithic. The engraved stone artifact was found at Locality 1, which is about 30 ka BP. As the first Paleolithic site discovered in China, SDG Locality 1 is distinctive in Late Paleolithic industry of north China, because of its components of elongated tool blank production and Levallois-like technology.

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