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28 August 2015

Pure quartz stone from The Arkfeld Site appears to have been humanly worked and has a bit of iconic cortex remaining on its surface

Adam Arkfeld find, site #44FK732, Clear Brook, Virginia (2cm)

Pure quartz stone from the Arkfeld Site appears to have been humanly exposed by removal of the stone around the crystal formation and has a bit of cortex or rind remaining on its surface. There is suspected iconography on this crystal's cortex.

This is an exotic lithic material not naturally present at the Arkfeld site and was manuported to this location. Several crystals have been found among the tools and art at the Arkfeld site and indicate a Pleistocene human interest in the unique properties of this stone material.

View of the remaining cortex, a carved face, from the top of the crystal

Highlights on the cortex remaining on the crystal and interpretation of a simple micro human face icon carved into the cortex detected by Adam Arkfeld's close inspection and confirmed by my own examination of the stone. The face mask is a depiction in the known Old World palaeoart motif of "left eye missing." The left eye is carved all the way to the crystal to depict it as missing.

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