Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

30 August 2015

In typical fashion, Paleolithic artist exploited natural stone features to realize "left eye missing" face mask motif

'Left eye missing face mask'
Adam Arkfeld find, The Arkfeld Site, #44FK732, Clear Brook, Virginia

Illustration: some of the incised lines radiating to, or from, the right eye; a carved bridge and nose line leading to the mouth; the missing left eye; nostrils on the face.

Close up of right eye and carved nose line. It seems this channel was chiseled out.

Photo with lighting which exposes the incised lines radiating to, or from, around the right eye and the mouth. Note the depth and width of the nose line carving. The face mask subject is propped against another rock and sitting in a pot of soil for presentation purposes.

The overall shape of the stone mask has been produced by human action. The white line in the illustration shows facets with free hand flaking or buffer breaks which were rounded off or ground down to the final shape. The yellow line indicates a facet with a clear straight break produced by using a buffer or a double buffer stone working technique as described earlier on this blog.

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