Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

06 December 2013

Oregon carved pebble depicts smiling one-eyed face in left 3/4 profile

Dennis Boggs collection, Irrigon, Oregon

Carved "one eye missing" face portrait, depicted as smiling and looking to the left, Dennis Boggs portable rock art Collection, Irrigon, Oregon. The right eye is depicted as a small, precise element and the left eye is depicted as a large, distressed, empty area. Rather than artistic foreshortening, the left eye may be carved in the tradition of the "one eye ope, other eye shut or missing" motif seen in Europe and the United States.

This pebble is the size of a US quarter dollar coin and speaks to the need to carefully examine all stone material from archaeological sites for work patterns outside the normal tool typologies.

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