Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

05 June 2013

Keith Stamper finds at St. Peters, Missouri, include Levallois technology associated with human head profile sculpture

Keith Stamper's find of human head profile sculpture facing left, St. Peters, Missouri

A tool Keith found at the site in association with the human head sculpture, seen at left, is distinctly of Levallois technique typology.

Missouri human head profile sculpture, looking left

Ronda Eldridge flaked head profile looking right from Bee House, Texas, featured in an earlier posting. The Missouri and Texas sculptures are of similar morphology, with oval head and large nose, perhaps related to the same cultural tradition.

Rick Doninger of south west Indiana has identified Levallois technology in all reduction phases as an active industry. Iconographic art objects have also been identified by Rick as seen earlier on this blog.


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