Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

13 June 2013

Two "smiling human skull/bird faces" identified 2000 miles apart, demonstrating a continuity of a heretofore undescribed North American art tradition

Hemet, California, bird figure identified by Karon Schwab and featured in the last posting. 

I have interpreted a smiling one eye open, one eye shut or missing skull, where the beak of the bird is also interpreted as the chin of the skull. The human's left eye is also the eye of the bird. (click photos to expand)

I made a mark up to define the left side of the smiling, one-eyed human skull artfully combined into a bird figure stone

I propose the Hemet, California, bird figure is made in the same tradition as the one from Zanesville, Ohio, demonstrating a heretofore undescribed Stone Age art continuity across 2000 miles of North America.


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  1. makes my rock feel special now, and important for the study group