Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

10 June 2013

Lion head flint sculpture from Wimereux, France

Note the indent serving as the lion's eye and the attention to removing the stone's cortex, or rind, to define the ear in the upper right of the sculpture. Mr. Belart describes all the human actions on this flint to demonstrate the artist's intent to create a symbolic piece.

Stone work on the object establishes it as an artifact

Side 2 view presents a possible depiction in profile form of a wisent where its head is at left, and its rear legs are "off the ground" in this photo's orientation. The bison-like form is a simple reversal of the lion head form but this kind of double meaning is seen throughout palaeoart and is possible here.

Here is the first lion head of several which I have identified from Ohio. I made markups to orient the viewer to the lion image. This lion head weighs 12 lbs. and stands upright on a flat base. (Click photos to expand and compare).


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