Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

23 June 2013

Polyiconic duck head with running horse head figure in a crystal-studded Vanport chert artifact from Flint Ridge, Ohio

Licking County, Ohio, find and interpretation by Ken Johnston as a "duck head" figure stone

Close up of a "running horse's head" in micro stonework on the top of the duck head icon

Horse's head attached to neck connotes forward movement. The horse has a "flowing mane of crystals." (Click photos to expand slideshow) 

Side 2 with scale. I interpret this as a flying bird/human combination form with the human head in the upper left, worked onto the reverse side of the duck bill.

When the duck head is rotated 180 degrees, it stands fully upright on a base and presents a possible fish image.

A view showing the crystals on the bill and top of the duck head

A functional large blade on the artifact is suitable for use as a tool

The blade as optimally held for use

The tool component of this piece evidences use-wear


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