15 February 2013

Ronda Eldridge finds at Bee House, Texas, western Coryell County, came from 15 x 15 sqaure foot area on her property

Human stone flaking resulting in a human head in right profile form, Bee House, Texas

Ronda Eldridge of Bee House, Texas, found a group of suspected rock art objects in a 15 x 15 foot area on her property. A bird head figure stone and an amazing bird/rabbit/human polymorph with white pigmentation have already been featured on this blog. Thank you Ronda for sharing your finds.

Zoomorphic form, perhaps a "rough" floating water bird. (Click photos to expand)

 An interesting form found in association with all the others (Click photos to expand)


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  1. I find same stuff with no answer but paleo Indian I am in so California los Angeles county