Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

20 February 2013

Chris Smith finds, San Saba County, Texas, include another example of mammoth and human combination as well as classic bird figures

Chris Smith find, San Saba County, Texas, identified as from a Paleolithic site according to Chris
(click photos to expand and compare) 

Ken Johnston interpreted this stone as a combination mammoth head facing right with a human facial profile figure facing left, as similarly seen in this prior posting of a Newark, Ohio, figure and another figure from the Columbia River at Washougal, WA, from Jim May in addition to others seen on this blog. This is now established as a North American portable rock art motif.

Classic bird figures collected by Chris Smith, San Saba County, Texas


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  1. the two pictured in the same pic are good examples of the fractal bird image.the bird flying with in the bird head. the dark brown area in the white one, can be the eye of a side profile bird head with the two near vertical lines denoting the divison between the eye and hooked beak area to the right. aswell as the division between the upper and lower body of the flying bird or some times the division between the wing and the body or again the eye in the bird head. the same for the yellow one the yellower worked areas and the un worked eye area being the divison areas.also on the white one it can be be laid down in horizontal postions to be viewed directly eye level as a turning flatter eagle head but more three d and in motion then the more two d side profile posted head profile. thats just what i see. really interested in if you can kind of see any of that or what r your takes chris or who ever?