23 February 2013

Mammoth figure stone trumpets in a new age of Pleistocene portable rock art inquiry

Mammoth image in relief on portable rock art piece, utilizing natural stone contours and including selected pecking stone removal. James May find, Washougal, Washington, mouth of the Columbia River gorge, the second mammoth figure identified by Jim.

ca. 30,000 years before present. Bas relief of a mammoth, carved from bone. Vogelherd Cave in southwestern Germany. Length 69 mm, height 29 mm, breadth 36 mm. Photo: Müller-Beck et al. (1987)  From Don's Maps

Mammouth gravé de la grotte des Combarelles (Dordogne, France) personal scan from Manuel d'archéologie préhistorique, celtique et gallo-romaine, fr:Joseph Déchelette (1862-1914)

Steven and Kathleen Holen's recent "mammoth steppe hypothesis," which will be presented in Albuquerque this October, supports the possibility of art in North America which may be very similar to art of the steppe, as seen in the carving from Vogelherd Cave as seen above.


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