26 January 2018

Jan 27 to Apr 28, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TX


  1. Here is the New York Times review of the exhibit.


    I attended the exhibit on opening night. I highly recommend taking the time to view this if at all possible. Quite amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Ken...

    Thanks for the heads-up on this apparent rip-off. Wonder where they came up with the term "figure stones". Any ideas? And, of course, the application of neuroscience to face recognition in this context?

    Looking back about fourteen years, consider this from the home page of daysknob.com :

    "And the 'professionals' will eventually pontificate endlessly on all this once they become aware of it, and claim to have discovered it."

    Maybe I should just think of this as being progress, in a perverse sort of way...

    Regards, Alan