Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

24 September 2012

American Paleolithic figurative art "does not exist" according to the mainstream, but flint bird head combined with human skull found in Central Texas is another American example of a motif described in Europe

 Ronda Eldridge find, Bee House, central Texas
A bird head facing right combined with human skull facing left
(click photos to expand and compare)

Ken Johnston identified the skull form on Ronda's bird figure. Photo with markups of bird's eye, ground human eye, mouth line of skull in red. The circled eye of the profile perspective may also be seen as the right eye of a second skull figure looking straight on toward the viewer. Found in a strong portable rock art context, more sculptures to be featured from Ronda. This is an example of how art could lead archaeologists to what could be some significant sites in America.

Nadia Clark find, Prescott, Arizona. Interpreted by Nadia as a sculpted bird head. Ken Johnston identified a human head combined with bird head but facing in the opposite direction like Janus. Alan Day has called these sculptures "janiforms." Note the exaggerated chin on the human, seen as the lowest part of the stone in this photo.

Duck head figure with human head combined, from Ansted, West Virginia at the head of the Kanawa River was featured in a prior posting. The bump on the far left in this photo is the nose of the human figure.

Illustration is Copyright Pietro Gaietto, Italy. Here he illustrates a bird head figure, identified as an Admiral Gull with markup of eye feature in the stone, human head in profile combined into the bird head and facing left.



  1. On the bird stone from Texas you can notice a highly worked area about a inch to the right of the chin's arrow. This is the yellow eagles eye of the eagle head that can be seen by rotating the beak area 90 degrees pointing south and viewing the stone at eye level or above instead of looking down at the stone.looking down at the stone like you have pictured but rotating it 180 degress you can see the flying fat little bird this can be viewed on the one from Italy also where the round top of the birds head can be turned 180 degrees into the round part of the flying Birds belly . You can only knock on archaeologist's doors for so long with out no answer before you start to assume something funny going on.

  2. I have knocked at the door of archaeology and I don't think anyone is home.

  3. Yea yall's websites pretty much knocked those doors down