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"Whooo doesn't love portable rock art?"
Flint and crystal owl, one of a hoard of seven sculptures, from the shore of a former glacial swamp, Licking County, Ohio

"By setting aside our cultural biases and conventional expectations of what prehistoric rock art should be like, we become better prepared to see into a broader spectrum of creative expression which was recorded in the permanence of stone." - Ken Johnston



  1. well it is true am not just seeing things. thank you for publishing your work.

  2. I would like to submit some manuports I have found in Ky. Please advise.
    Tom Nickell
    Winchester, Ky.

  3. Hi Tom, Please feel free to email pics and I will happy to take a look at them. I cant post everything I receive from people but send the pics and what you think they are, describe what you think you have. You may use the hotmail address at the top of this page. Thank you.


    1. Hello from Arkansas where I found a site with unbelievable stone art including pieces with up to 8 sides, with painted arrows showing which way to turn the piece and some with Roman Numerals leading to each new face. I also have two unmistakable Fish carvings,And contacting the state Archeologyist got the same response as you and blown off. They also accused my beautiful multicolor quatrz dovetails *(OF BEING left by a CHILd playing in the cave (You can see some of my items where Thanx to finding your blog that proves I'm not crazy. When I first found these over a year ago, I spent days trying to research with no luck at all so I felt like i SHOULD LET EVERYONE KNOW Rock Art is Alive & Well in NW Arkansas AND i BELIEVE i FOUND THEIR WINTER HIDEOUT in a cave near Beaver Lake. Also, a lot of the pieces I seen posted on line are nearly identical to some of my finds & making me think the same tribe is migrating here and my finds are at the Summer Home that I haven't even skratched tghe surface exploring. .

  5. This is a great site; I too have found things that I know are art. My philosophy is this:
    Today we judge art on technical appeal for collecting, showing off and buying; hence they are produced with the best technology and can be rapidly made.
    Back then was for the person making it, perhaps a personal reminder of something; like note taking...not for anyone but themselves, so instead of 'wasting' time making a perfect piece to show they got the idea down in the most efficient way possible (without metal drilling tools); find a piece most like what you want to represent and the work is half done!

    As a personal question; is anyone familiar with a motif or theme regarding a face that shows half face, half skull? I know this is similar to the meso american art and I am trying to piece an art history of this theme (I am from San Antonio, Texas) and have found many with this half face, half skull theme. Sometimes its just a half face.