Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

21 February 2013

California sculpture of head with "one eye open, other eye shut or missing" motif asks yet again "Where are the archaeologists?"

Example of a Stone Age sculpture with "one eye open, other eye shut" motif
Where are the archaeologists? Or even just one? It's time to address artifacts with this motif being found from coast-to-coast in the United States and likely related to the same phenomenon documented in Europe. 

To fail to do so demonstrates the impotence of American Anthropology to scientifically address anomalous finds of astute and good-willed amateurs. It seems to be largely still fixated on Pacific routes to America no earlier than around 15,000 YBP and ignoring finds which might suggest otherwise. As a knowledge generation system, American Anthropology is dysfunctional and in need of restructuring to allow it to operate more as a science and less as a closed group of dogma defenders.

Archaeology routinely tells amateurs "that is not an artifact because they didn't do that." Or that "it is all natural, a geofact, and had no human involvement," often without even personally examining the object in question or having any expertise in lithics proper. Now, however, the numbers and geographic spread of an entire class of artifacts heretofore undescribed by archaeological officialdom is becoming glaringly obvious to those without archaeological training and with good intuition and common sense.  

Anonymous find seen here possibly in situ, from northern California, noticed by an arrowhead collector in his own yard. It is also possible a person from later times found this head and face and placed it in this "facing the sky" position or that nature moved it from original place of deposition.


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  1. A very nice specimen. A lion?

    Well, the body of proof is getting bigger and bigger and yet, it must be the tip of the iceberg.

    It is interesting that in our "advanced" day and age, we have still the kind of hurdles you mention and that the noble search for truth is still made difficult by the scientific world.

    All the people who have shared their photos did not start with a theory to prove. They didn't go about looking for faces in rocks. It just happened. It just happened that they saw something interesting and different in some of them.