28 February 2013

Turkey head figure stone, including snood and wattle, from Coryell County, Texas, site also has a human/bird combination and human face images

Ronda Eldridge's human crafted turkey head figure stone, from Bee House, Coryell County, Texas, found in the context of multiple portable rock art objects and other bird figures

At right is a flint flake from Buckeye Lake, Ohio, described in an earlier post as an intended turkey head figure.

Texas stone turkey head, side 2

Highlighted by this markup, Ken Johnston has interpreted an open-mouthed human head looking to upper left, attached to the back of a bird head image looking right within the beak area of the turkey figure itself. The human head and the bird head combined with it have distinct eyes and the human appears to be laughing.

Ken Johnston has interpreted a human face or skull image on the back of the bird head as highlighted above. It has two eyes, a nose and a smiling type mouth. "Human face on the posterior of bird head" is a known motif in portable rock art and this is the second example identified from Ronda Eldridge's site in Bee House, Texas, the first was featured in an earlier posting.

A second larger skull with the "one eye open, one eye shut or missing" motif is also highlighted in the photo above.

Human skull or face on the back of the bird head appears to be smiling. This reminds me of the smiling face on the posterior of this bird figure stone found by Mark Jones, at Piney Point, Maryland.



  1. if u flip the texas turkey up side down,you can see the side profile of a fly'n lil bird wings tucked tail up or you can re foucus and see a crested bird head.these illusion on one stone r amazing art. the hand size of them and the way you move it around in your hands to see diffrent pictures makes me think some were kind of a meditation stone.

  2. I believe you are looking at a burial item placed on or in a grave. The side your pic shows is the deceased in death as he looks in the grave. The skull in relief. If you continue to examine this artwork you will see the profile of the deceased in life plus many other symbols.ELP

  3. I believe this picture shows a burial item. The current orientation shows the deceased in death in funeral costume as he would look in death laid in a grave. If you continue to examine this portable artwork you will see the person's profile as he appeared in life. Also,many other images of animals and faces.