08 March 2013

World's smallest Acheulean handaxe form worked utilizing micro-holes technique

World's smallest manufactured Acheulean handaxe form

Archaeologist Jan van Es of The Netherlands has identified what he calls "micro, micro" stoneworking utilizing micro work holes in the stone reduction technique. This tiny Acheulean handaxe symbolic form has been identified as humanly worked using these techniques. Jan van Es writes: "About the micro micro holes. This a very tiny tool for super fine work. (I make a drawing of this micro micro holes, it's a series in many standarisations). See detail. The micro holes are exactly where they have to be. There's also depth and movement in the stone. The coloured quartz stones have a structure from nature and human working (in colour also) that makes this stone to the first images in micro art before the cave art technic. It's the same technic in portable art. This technique is older than 2 million years."

The tear drop shaped element is approximately 5mm by 4mm

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