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11 August 2012

Thailand burial offering interpreted as a natural stone

Thailand grave offering interpreted as a manuported natural likeness to a human head by Tira Vanichtheeranont 

Tira writes, "I did not find this piece by myself. However, your suggestion of "manuports" is applied to this case. The story behind of finding this piece is as follow :-

This piece was found by excavation of the grave site in Ban Chiang Area which is the important prehistorical culture area of Thailand. Most artifacts found in this area were dated 2000-500 B.C. So, may be the ancient people have found it look like human face and brought it to their living area. I am not sure, but we may think in this case!

So, the answer to your question of What village/water source was it near is: Ban Chiang is the village and the water source is might be the Mekong River which is the nearest river in the Ban Chiang Territory."

Thank you Tira for the contextual information and for the photos. This shows how context can suggest significance was given to simple natural forms resembling the human face, from 3 million years ago and the Makapansgat pebble, to 3000 years ago in this Mekong River valley burial object.

A detailed view into the mouth of the Thai stone head

Back side of the rock

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