Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

27 July 2012

Portrait in exotic green glass from glacial overlook site which produced other art sculptures and flint profiles

Licking County, Ohio, find by Ken Johnston.  

Exotic green glass material has been flaked and retouched to create a likeness of a human head and face in left profile view, where the rough cortex part of the stone is serving as the person's hair. This was not the only item of flint-like material found at this disturbed soil site on a hilltop which produced "Sir Nameless," the Siberian like bird and the elephant/human art pieces.

The green glass here was confirmed to be human manufactured and not a natural rock by a prominent university lithics lab and by others with experience at Corning Glass Corp.



  1. Hi Ken...

    Interesting piece. The classic profile with facial features right in the appropriate locations, and the crest over the head, seem pretty much beyond coincidence, particularly in the context of the also classic repetition (albeit coarsely) in the apparent scoria, facing janus-like in the opposite direction. You might run this past a professional petrologist for an assessment of the material's likely origin. (Do not mention perceived imagery - that can derail the whole thing!) Too bad it is from disturbed terrain, of course...

    Alan Day

  2. some glass objects found on bluffs here in north Texas have clearly been melted and reshaped by a pressing method while glass was still in a half molten form