Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

16 July 2012

A whale of a figure stone

Interpreted by Ken Johnston as a Sperm whale head figure stone
Dennis Boggs collection, Irrigon, Oregon, Columbia River valley

The base of the whale head has been ground flat so as to better support the figure and present it at the desired angle from the horizontal plane.

When viewing the "whale head" upside down, a quasi-anthropomorphic face may be seen. It is of striking similarity to another "stone face" identified by Mr. Boggs himself from the same locale.


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  1. I have a whale stone rock. It is 12" long and has a flat face, bottom and one side is also flat. This stone weighs 12 lb. I dug it up in Ark. 50 years ago. I would love to send a picture of the whale. I have hundreds of rocks that have been in my possession of artifacts to fossils .