Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

23 July 2012

Rick Doninger identifies similar animal and bird figures from Tennessee

Rick Doninger found and identified animal and bird figures, west Tennessee
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Red and yellow ocher crayons were found in association with the figures

Thank you Rick for sharing your finds.



  1. Hi Ken...

    I could be mistaken, but seem to recall that Rick Doninger's birdstones shown above were surface finds from Tennessee. Stylistically, they are considered to be temporally diagnostic of Late Archaic to Early Woodland, more likely the former. Interesting, in any event...

    Alan Day

  2. I agree with Alan. Rick's birdstones are typically exhibited
    in Late Archaic and Early Woodland sites. I have found numerous birdstones in Missouri River gravels that are made of similar material and in the basic overall style. As for a cultural association, I would place them being from the Red Ocher People (1500 - 500BC). Rick V.

  3. To my knowledge these kinds of figures have never been professionally described in any context. Nothing Rick has has found is diagnostic of the Red Ocher People who are well studied. In the same picture are Levallois technology tools which may be more indicative of a pre-Clovis people. If you have diagnostic Red Ocher artifacts in direct association with the bird figures from a secure and professionally excavated site that would be some good evidence. Only a couple of people have reported this kind of portable rock art in association with Clovis or after artifacts and I think that is because the stone materials from more than one time period have become mixed at these locations.