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25 September 2016

Three standing bird sculptures from Arkfeld Site field work this week add to growing aviary from this Virginia rock art mega-site

Paleolithic art bird sculpture
Arkfeld Site, #44FK731, Clear Brook, Virginia

Three standing bird sculptures from Arkfeld Site this week adds to growing flying flock from this rock art mega-site. These were found in close association and dozens of other bird figures and sculptures have been found in the small area of the several acre site and presented on this blog.

Two-sided bird sculpture with simple wings details in relief on both sides.

This sculpture is engineered to balance on its base while presenting the long, extended neck of the bird away from the body. It looks like it would tip forward but it does not, almost in an optical illusion or demonstration of the artist's skill. Perhaps a bird at water's edge preparing to take a bite of something? Click photos to expand.
Adam Arkfeld notes tail feathering serrations in this classic portable rock art bird figure. These artifacts may have both iconic and tool attributes.

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