Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

28 June 2016

Arkfeld Site stone phallus figure is not the first in a Pleistocene archaeological context

'Stone phallus figure'
Arkfeld Site, #44FK731, Clear Brook, Virginia. 18cm

'The Erfoud manuport' Lutz Fiedler find
Unmodified cuttle fish fossil from a Late Acheulean context in Morocco, 4cm
Near Eastern - North African Acheulian Figurine Symbolizing Traditon / d)erfoudmpt, manuport, Site A-84-2, Erfoud, Morocco, Late Acheulian

The "Kempen stone phallus" from Belgium is the oldest known icon of the male organs and perhaps even artificially modified. Find by L. Jimmy Groen

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