Denisovan Ancestry in East Eurasian and Native American Populations

07 December 2015

Missouri rock collector finds of stone faces are candidates for petrological examination for evidence of Stone Age human modification

'Human face with prominent brow ridge'
David Von Canon finds, west Missouri and Arkansas border area

These are candidates for petrological examination for evidence of Stone Age human modification. If Archaeology operated as a science, it would direct fair evaluation of finds such as these rather than summarily dismissing them. If people were modifying stones to create human face likenesses, the next questions are "who?" and "when?" and "why?"

The anecdotal density of the number of people in the Arkansas/Missouri area who report suspected portable rock art finds more likely reflects a regional pattern of a set of pre-historic culturally mediated art behaviors than a modern day regional propensity toward pareidolia.


  1. These can't be far from the site I found in Barry county.

  2. I have found 5 buckets of these in Carroll County,Ar. Some are so complex, 3 or 4 different faces and such tiny detail. So Beautiful!

  3. I’ve Been doing extensive research for the past two years on portable rock art and have made a pretty remarkable break through. I can say with extreme confidence that archaeologist have been wrong on classifying the majority of the reports being natural. The stones were indeed a tool that were utilized for lithic reduction. I can say now that after many months of sweat and smashed fingers can prove this theory but have remained ignored by the archaeological community for any opportunity to even demonstrate. Very closed minded know it all group of thinkers to sadly say.