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19 November 2015

Hudson, Florida, resident finds iconic material including quartz crystal studded mammoth figure with smiling human face on its back facing skyward

'Smiling human face on back of crystal-studded mammoth figure'
Teresa Stamey find, Hudson, Florida, 3cm
"I literally thought I was going crazy when I started finding all these different stones that look like one or more animals, fish humans etc.. The first one was one that looked like your posting 'Pissy Birds'. I found a site Collectors Weekly and put it on. No comments except they liked it which didn't tell me anything. Then I found your site after so many searches. I knew I wasn't crazy then. Since finding the first rock I have found way over a hundred. I have fish, fish heads, bears, camel heads, gator heads, wolves  etc.. I'm sending pics to see what you think. I really appreciate you looking at the pictures and any information or advice you can give would greatly be appreciated. Maybe I can get my husband to quit calling me the rock lady. By the way we live in Hudson, Florida. Thank You so much for your time." -Teresa Stamey
The Ice Age artist was likely attracted to the crystals on this stone. The natural shape of the stone also presented a mammoth body shape including a 'trunk.' A human face was manufactured on the back of the mammoth to complete this previously described motif. The human and the mammoth share the same forehead as is seen in other North American examples including the posting just prior to this one.

When the human face imagery is rotated 90 degrees right, a mammoth figure facing right may be seen. I have circled its approximate eye. In this consideration, the mammoth may be seen with the human face on its back facing skyward. This motif was also seen just two postings ago.

Face on the stone compared to a reconstructed model of how a Neanderthal may have looked.

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