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13 November 2015

A lion head with fluted whiskers, a mammoth figure with a human face profile on its back and a decorated hand axe in the Acheulean tradition from Dallas County, Texas

'Lion head with fluted whiskers'
Tony Holmes finds, hilltop site on his property in Dallas County, Texas

Tony writes "Note eyes nose and lips on right side.  Another eyes nose and lips lower right.  By turning stone 90 degrees to left, you then have what appears to be an elephant trunk down the left side."

Photo rotated 90 degrees. Ken Johnston illustration of mammoth figure facing left with human facial profile on its back. Tony Holmes's independent observations here of the human and elephant imagery are similar to those seen in several other examples on this blog.

"Note the face 2/3 of the way up the left side looking out to the left.  There are multiple faces on either side of this stone." (7.5 x 5.25 inches)

Tony has identified human face figurations on this handaxe which is a documented art motif of the Old World Acheulean tradition (James Harrod, The patination on this tool implies a very old age.

Can you see a skull-like face 'mask' in the lower right of the hand axe?

Side 2 of the Tony Holmes hand axe with his illustration of one the faces on the edge.

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